We are a fast developing manufacturer and exporter of grain, oilseeds and flour. ‘Agrostudio’ group of companies was created by a team of professionals in plant-growing and agricultural business in 2010.

Currently we have established ourselves as a reliable partner among Ukrainian suppliers and foreign buyers.

The main principles of our company are an individual approach to each client and establishment of long-term and trustworthy relationship. ‘Agrostudio’ group of companies includes: an agricultural enterprise, an elevator complex, a mill and a trading company. The elevator complex and the mill are located in the north of Ukraine.

We always strive to improve the quality of the products considering the needs of the buyer and use local resources carefully and efficiently. We continue to expand the scale of production and processing of agricultural products. As a rapidly growing company we are always in search of new partners and are open to new proposals.


The land is located in north of Ukraine in climate-friendly and environmentally clean areas. The main crops are: maize, sunflower, wheat, millet and lupine. The total area of fertile land laboured by the group of companies is about 7 thousand ha.


The elevator complex was built in northern Ukraine in 2013. The current capacity of the complex for drying is 700 tons per day and storage capacity is 35 thousand tons, 14 railway carriages and 1,000 tons by motor transport can be shipped per day.


The mill produces 1 000 tons of wheat and rye flour per month, which is sold on the domestic Ukrainian market and exported.


“Agrostudio” group of companies includes: a Trading company in Ukraine and a Trading company in Poland, which export the following products: grains and oilseeds, flour (wheat and rye), wood (timber, plank, thin plank, pallet details). We cooperate with the countries of Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and CIS.